Power Outage

To Report A Power Outage

Please call 1-800-927-6068 during business hours
Please call 1-800-582-8998 outside of normal business hours
If there is no answer, please continue to try both numbers recognizing the volume of calls we may be experiencing. Please call us even if you believe a neighbor may have already called.
It is important we you know your account number when reporting an outage.
Your account number can be found on your bill and should be recorded in an easy-to-find location. If you have multiple accounts, please be sure you know which account number represents each location. We can save line crews considerable time if we dispatch them to the correct location the first time. Additionally, the account number is crucial should the need arise for you to notify us via our automated telephone system.
We also need to have an accurate telephone number for you. If your number has changed, please notify us. You may also wish to provide us with your cell phone number.
Electric cooperative member-consumers who may be without power for any extended amount of time are encouraged to relocate to a nearby emergency shelter. Consumers may contact their local emergency management coordinator, call the Iowa Concern Hotline at 1 (800) 447-1985 or 211.
During major, widespread power outages, our priority is to restore power to the largest number of members first, working our way down to individual member outages.
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