Power lines and other utility equipment like substations, transformers and meter pedestals, do their jobs safely as long as you keep your distance.  Electricity always seeks the shortest path to the ground.  It tries to find a conductor, such as metal, wet wood, water or even your body since it is 70% water!
Even a very small current, like from one 7.5 watt Christmas tree bulb, can kill you if it passes through your chest. Most electrical injuries can be both foreseen and avoided.  Always practice safety by following this important motto:
"Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around"
Always know your surroundings when operating machinery that reaches high into the air, working on a roof, climbing a tree or ladder, doing your own electrical work, digging in the yard or even flying a kite.
Safety for You and Our Linemen
For your safety and for the safety of our linemen, we need everyone's help.  Safe practices are not only wise,they may help to prevent unnecessary power outages.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
  • Never attach items to electrical poles, from posters to basketball hoops, the nails used to hold your attachment can seriously injure a linemen who needs to climb the pole.
  • Stay away from open doors on green or gray utility boxes.  Notify your Cooperative immediately.
  • Plan ahead when planting trees and shrubs.  As a tree grows into a power line, it will need constant trimming to prevent power outages.  And trees or shrubs surrounding utility poles or equipment can pose dangers for linemen. 
  • Look up before flying kites, climbing trees or ladders and moving farm equipment.Know the proper procedures for installation and operation of stand-by power facilities.
  • Stay away from electrical substations.Do not ignore warning signs such as  "Danger--High Voltage".
Is Your Home’s Electrical Wiring Adequate?
Do fuses blow or circuit breakers trip often?
Do toasters or irons not get as hot as they should?
Does your TV picture shrink when appliances go on?
Do you use extension cords because there aren’t enough outlets?
If you answered "yes" to any question you should talk with a qualified electrician. 
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