Trees, Underbrush and Reliable Service
Tree trimming around power lines helps keep people safe and can increase the reliability of service when storms hit.To provide electric reliability and personal safety, it is important that crews for Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative periodically trim trees and underbrush around power lines in your neighborhood. Tree limbs and power lines are a bad combination, especially with storms involving high winds, lightning or ice. Trees are one of the most common causes of electric service outages and time spent clearing trees from power lines can result in extended periods of outage time. Clearing underbrush is equally important for efficient power restoral when power lines are on the ground.
Tree limbs and branches that extend into power lines can pose a significant risk to public safety during any kind of weather. Anyone in close contact or trying to trim or climb such trees could be seriously injured.
Trained crews usually trim trees and underbrush around primary transmission and distribution lines every few years. Franchise and easement agreements with cooperative members allow us to trim affected areas on private property. Many factors are considered when trimming, such as the effect of ice on the limbs, how fast-growing the tree or underbrush is and how many repeat trips will be needed. Fast-growing trees may need to be trimmed back more than slow-growing trees. The goal is to trim no more than what is necessary (generally 20 feet on either side of the power line) for public safety and electric service reliability.(Refer to the diagram below). Trimming a tree near a power line will require a professional tree trimmer and you should contact MVEC at 800-927-6068.
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